Removing plastics from contaminated parts

Plastic manufacturers produce either plastic pellets or they process them into specific products using techniques such as injection moulding or blow moulding. In both cases, the parts that are involved in this processing or production process are inevitably contaminated with hardened plastics. An industrial cleaning oven from Strunz removes this contamination without the risk of damaging expensive parts.


A plastic production company granulates the polymer strands into small pellets. Plastic processing companies turn the heated plastic into the desired end product with various techniques, using e.g. matrices, moulds and extruders.

These parts are extremely sensitive to contamination and therefore need to be cleaned regularly. These types of components are also remarkably expensive and when they are damaged, it can stop an entire production line. The thermal cleaning must therefore be done extremely carefully and cautiously.


Concretely, this involves extruders, die-plates, matrices, hot runners, heat exchangers, etc. Cleaning double-walled pipes is also no problem at all in our industrial cleaning ovens.

Industrial cleaning ovens from Strunz use a controlled oxygen level and uniform heating and cooling to carefully remove all plastics from the contaminated components. The strictly controlled temperature curve eliminates any risk of damage to the part.