Removing oily contamination from costly components

When processing crude, raw oil or oily products, components from petrochemical installations are inevitably contaminated. Certain parts need to be cleaned regularly to keep these systems in optimal condition. An industrial cleaning oven from Strunz offers the perfect solution for this. We develop and build industrial cleaning ovens with a perfectly controlled temperature curve, eliminating any risk of damage to the valuable parts.

Petrochemical industry

Companies in the petrochemical industry have the choice: either they do all or part of the cleaning themselves, or they outsource this to professional cleaning firms such as Thermo-Clean. This involves both very small and exceptionally large components.

When you choose cleaning fully or partially under your own management, Strunz can of course provide you with the right industrial cleaning oven, fully attuned to the expected degree of contamination, the volume to process and the dimensions of the parts to be cleaned.