Electric motor refurbishment

Removing insulation resins for electric motor refurbishment

Companies that specialise in refurbishing electric motors need to remove the insulation resins. Instead of spending many costly hours with a gas burner, a dreadful manual job, our industrial cleaning ovens do this task in a minimum amount of time. The cleanliness results are also much better with the perfectly controlled temperature curve of our industrial cleaning ovens.

Insulation resin

Short circuits often occur in old electric motors due to wear of the insulation resin, making refurbishment necessary. An important part of refurbishing electric motors is installing a new copper winding. To do this, the insulation resin first needs to be removed from the used rotor and stator. Subsequently, the old copper windings can then be removed easily to allow a new winding to be applied.

Large electric motors

The perfect temperature control of our industrial cleaning ovens and the high volume capacity also makes it possible to process large electric motors.

Our larger industrial cleaning systems are even able to completely clean electric motors with a mass of over 30 tons by running a customised temperature curve.