Automotive & coating industry

Our industrial cleaning ovens in the automotive and coating industries

All companies that use powder coating, liquid paint or EPD in their production processes need thermal paint stripping. Hanging systems, skids, grids, etc. are being contaminated to a certain extent with various types of paint throughout the production process. With an industrial paint stripping oven, all these materials and components are effectively stripped for reuse.

Core sectors

It is self-evident that paint shops and companies from the automotive industry are among the core sectors of Strunz. They have many materials to clean of their own. We also build industrial cleaning ovens for companies that fully specialise in paint stripping and cleaning services.

The needs of our customers within the automotive and coating industries vary enormously. Our flexibility enables us to provide a solution for every requirement, from very small thermal cleaning ovens to exceptionally large ones. An industrial cleaning oven with a length of eight metres and a volume of 80 m³ is no problem at all.


All the possible add-ons such as a loading system, a heat recovery system, a gas scrubber system or a high temperature filter system are fully worked out according to the specific requirements.