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Total cost of ownership

Always the cheapest…

The industrial cleaning ovens from Strunz will often not have the lowest purchase price. This is not something we strive for, because that inevitably leads to lower quality installations. However, when you calculate the total cost of ownership, our industrial cleaning ovens always come out as the cheapest by far.

Quality has its price

Quality has its price. And at Strunz, this translates into an industrial cleaning oven in which the temperature curve is perfectly controlled, that performs more energy efficiently, and that guarantees an exceptionally long lifespan.

All these factors lead to a remarkably strong payback effect. We will be happy to go over the various costs that determine the total cost of ownership.


Looking at the basic investment, an industrial cleaning oven from Strunz rarely comes out as the cheapest.

Energy costs

The excellent temperature control makes an industrial cleaning oven from Strunz much more energy efficient. This translates into energy costs that are three to four times lower compared to other manufacturers, a saving that you can enjoy throughout the lifespan of the installation. The water consumption is also significantly lower.

Furthermore, the ‘cost recovery effect’ grows when you have an oven from Strunz equipped with a heat recovery system.

Operating costs

An oven from Strunz excels in ease of use with practically fully automatical control, giving you higher operational yield and lower operating costs.

Maintenance costs

The high quality engineering and intensive preventive maintenance keep the maintenance costs of an industrial cleaning oven from Strunz at lowest level. The size of the initial investment also translates into more durable components that are less susceptible to wear.

Service life

With the necessary maintenance, an industrial cleaning oven from Strunz will last for twenty years or longer without problems. Again, the benefit of using durable components with very little wear is also evident here.

If you take all these factors into account, Strunz has:

the lowest total cost of ownership