Industrial ovens & installations

Thermal afterburners

Thermal afterburners on every industrial installation

Every industrial cleaning oven from Strunz is equipped with a thermal afterburner. You can use this expertise for any industrial installation where secondary thermal combustion is required for the further treatment of contaminated air flows.

The thermal afterburner

The thermal afterburner is an indispensable part of every industrial cleaning oven. After the solid organic contamination in the cleaning oven is converted into gas by thermal treatment, this gas must undergo a secondary ‘cleaning’ treatment to prevent air fouling. With thermal afterburners being present in all our installations, we have built up great expertise in this specific field during the past thirty years. Our thermal afterburners score exceptionally strong in energy efficiency in particular. This helps our thermal afterburners to comply with the strictest environmental regulations. Strunz systems are also outstanding for the thermal afterburners with perfect control of the temperature, the process duration and the perfect mix of oxygen combined with the contaminated gases, with which the thermal afterburner guarantees the necessary processing of your fouled air flows without problems.

Breaking molecular structure

A thermal afterburner processes the gas that is formed in an industrial oven at very high temperatures. This thermal processing breaks the molecular structure of the harmful substances, keeping the emissions of harmful substances within the legal limits.

On other installations

Aside from our own industrial cleaning ovens, we are also often asked to apply this technology in other industrial installations. A good example of this is an afterburner on the ovens for paint shops, for instance in the automobile industry and its suppliers.

We can provide the right custom solution for installations that do not yet have a thermal afterburner - and therefore emit the fouling gases directly - and installations with an inadequate thermal afterburner. We work directly for end clients and for machinery builders.

Energy recovery

Thermal afterburners also offer many possibilities for energy recovery. With us, you are also at the right place for a heat recovery system.

Still too much fouling?

When thermal secondary combustion does not reduce all fouling substances in the gas, a high temperature filter system and/or gas scrubber provides an additional solution. You can also count on the expertise and experience of Strunz for this.