Industrial ovens & installations


Thermal cleaning as basic technology for recycling ovens

Our in-depth technical expertise in thermal cleaning also offers endless possibilities for developing and building recycling ovens. Our installations use controlled and energy efficient thermal heating to remove organic contamination from valuable materials. By carefully separating multiple waste streams, our customers can reuse valuable raw materials. Processing this waste often generates sufficient energy that can be re-harvested and put to use.

Possibilities recycling ovens

The possibilities for separating organic and inorganic materials using pyrolysis processes with our recycling ovens are endless. We offer added value in every situation where organic substances prevent a valuable material from being reused - or where the contamination diminishes the price of the valuable material.

By organic materials, we mean oils, greases, plastics, coatings, rubbers, adhesives, paint, foodstuffs, resins, etc. The possible applications of our recycling ovens are endless. Some examples:

  • Separating paper and staples
  • Removing tar from asphalt
  • Removing paint, rubber and plastic residues from expensive and rare metals
  • Separating/recovering copper from electric motors
  • Cheaply separating steel and organic contamination
  • And so on. The possibilities are endless as long as any organic component needs to be removed.

New source of energy

Our recycling ovens do more than just facilitate reuse of valuable materials. Because you process these materials in your own facility, you save on transport and processing costs.

The gas that is created when processing the organic materials can be converted into new energy in the form of heat or electricity using a connected heat recovery system.

Our recycling installations provide companies with an innovative way to reduce their ecological footprint as well as their energy bill.