Industrial cleaning ovens

Types of industrial cleaning ovens

Voor elke behoefte de juiste industriële reinigingsoven

Strunz makes the most suitable cleaning oven for every cleaning need and capacity. We have four different types in our product range: M-Line, S-Line, Pro-Line and Custom Made.

We’ll be happy to analyse your cleaning and paint stripping needs to recommend the most suitable type of cleaning oven. If our standard types do not provide the solution, we will work out the correct custom-made industrial cleaning oven. After all, not every part that needs cleaning falls within the standard dimensions.


This small cleaning oven is limited to a maximum capacity of 0.9 m³. In principle, the oven is “plug & play” and extremely well-suited to clients who have smaller parts to be cleaned. The reduced volume makes our smallest M-Line perfect as a laboratory or test oven. Moreover the largest version, the M9, can handle parts up to 1.20 m, which makes it possible to clean a wide variety of different components.

Another advantage of the M-Line is the fact that in most countries it is not required to have a special permit for it to be installed. Together with the plug & play principle, this makes installation very easy!

STRUNZ M Line -EN.pdf


The S-Line excels with bulletproof value. This industrial cleaning oven guarantees excellent energy performance and low operating costs.

Our S-Line is intended for customers who need to clean the necessary components on a regular basis, but not around the clock. This could be suitable for companies that refurbish electric motors, paint shops and injection moulding shops. In other words, any company that is looking for an in-house solution to maintain its own components.

The oven is intended for cleaning volumes from 0.9 to 45 m³.

STRUNZ S Line - Production process DE-EN.pdf

STRUNZ S Line - Painting process DE-EN.pdf


This industrial cleaning oven is suitable for the highest level of contamination. The oven perfectly meets the high demands that professional cleaning companies, users with very high volumes or with special cleaning projects, place on their ovens 24 hours a day.

Our Pro-Line guarantees high capacity in terms of both volume and dimensions of the components to be processed. The reach of the amount of fouling which can be processed also extends that of our S-Line.

Custom made

If none of our three types suits you, we will develop a fully customised industrial cleaning oven that meets your needs perfectly.