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Strunz develops and builds industrial cleaning ovens which stand out by their long lifespan, exceptionally low energy consumption and extremely high degree of reliability. Over 80% of the ovens that we developed in our early years still deliver outstanding performance after 30 years of faithful service. This strong performance means that our customers can count on the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Our range of industrial cleaning ovens includes both 100% custom work and the M-Line, S-Line and Pro-Line oven types. Discover our different types of industrial cleaning ovens here.

Cleaning ovens

Industrial cleaning ovens from Strunz are unique in effectiveness, reliability and energy consumption because they use a sophisticated combination of heat and a low oxygen level to remove organic substances. This makes our ovens exceptionally well suited to paint stripping or cleaning of all possible kinds of components and materials.

Strunz ovens use a highly controlled heating process to remove oils, greases, plastics, coatings, rubbers, adhesives, paints, food residues, resins, etc. from all kinds of production tools, machinery parts and various other components from paint shops, chemical plants, refineries and various food companies, among others.

How does the cleaning process work?

The oven uses a combination of heat and a low oxygen level to convert the solid organic materials into vapours. These vapours undergo secondary combustion at high temperature in a thermal afterburner, which breaks them down at molecular level such that the emissions of the oven comply with the applicable environmental regulations.

As a result, our ovens primarily emit water vapour and carbon dioxide. The harmful substances are kept strictly limited to the legally permitted ppm content. If chlorine, fluorine or other harmful and/or aggressive substances occur in the fouling, an extra gas scrubbing system is provided to ensure that the emissions are kept within the applicable standards.

What are the advantages of our industrial cleaning ovens?

  • Strunz’s great strength lies in our in-depth knowledge of thermal cleaning technologies. We draw on our expertise and years of experience to develop and build cleaning systems that bring the heat and oxygen levels to the desired levels and keep them stable to break down organic materials in a controlled way.
  • The chamber is heated in a low-oxygen atmosphere, which prevents the occurrence of flames or fire. The cleaning process in our ovens is done in an extremely controlled way, which eliminates any possibility of damage or deformation of the parts to be cleaned. This is very important when cleaning valuable parts such as moulds, extruders or heat exchangers. Our industrial cleaning ovens are therefore not ‘burnout ovens’ or ‘melting furnaces’.
  • The efficient heating of our ovens guarantees a cleaning and paint stripping process that is safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. For instance, gas consumption is three to four times lower than other ovens, and our ovens barely use any water.
  • Even with much lower energy and water consumption, our ovens provide safe and controlled processing of a very high quantity of contamination per charge.
  • Our industrial cleaning ovens are equipped with a unique PLC controller developed in-house that makes it possible to monitor the oven remotely and make adjustments if necessary. Every parameter of the pyrolysis process is monitored and measured electronically. After the cleaning process, the curves of all these parameters can be reported
  • We build our industrial cleaning ovens so that they can be equipped with extra add-ons perfectly at a later stage to save more energy or to make the work easier. The basic solution already provides all necessary fastening points, wiring and space in the switch box for later expansions. A good example of this is a heat recovery system.