Add-ons for industrial installations

Filter systems for high temperature

Gas scrubber systems using wet or dry gas scrubbing

A gas scrubber system offers a solution when the thermal treatment of the effluent gases is not sufficient to break down the fouling substances in the gas. In the gas scrubbing system, the gas is ‘scrubbed’ using a wet or dry method to efficiently remove the pollutant from the gas before it can be emitted to the outside air.

Depending on the specific pollutants (chlorine, fluorine, mercury, etc.), we determine the correct cleaning technology in the gas scrubbing system. There are many possible cleaning technologies. Our total service therefore first involves a thorough analysis after which the entire gas scrubbing system is designed and built to suit.

A gas scrubbing system guarantees the removal of the pollutants described above from the gas stream, which simply cannot be removed by high temperature. By scrubbing the gases, these harmful components are removed from the air stream so that the ultimate emissions remain within the norms. This technology often provides a solution for highly complex gas streams.