Approach & service

Service & maintenance

Your industrial cleaning oven always in perfect condition

Preventive maintenance is very important for our installations to function optimally for many years. Strunz offers a full maintenance service to keep your industrial recycling or cleaning oven in perfect condition for many decades. In case of technical defects, we provide a repair as quickly as possible, on site or by taking over the controls remotely.

Remote control and software updates

All our customers are advised to register for an online support programme. There are many advantages to this. For instance, our experts have 24/7 remote access to the controls of your industrial cleaning ovens. In case of problems, we can often localise and resolve the problem immediately. This saves a lot of time and travel costs.

Aside from this rapid online support, you can also use our expertise regarding cleaning more difficult parts. This subscription also gives you the right to direct assistance when setting the correct cleaning programme for specific cleaning challenges.

You also automatically receive the updates for our control software. In this way, we constantly perfect the controls of our installations.

Aside from our online support programme, we also recommend that you sign up for our maintenance contract for optimal use of your installation. This will keep your installation in top condition.

In that case, after a number of running hours or at least once per year, our maintenance team will visit you to inspect the installation and perform the necessary maintenance work.

Spare parts

You can always come to us for spare parts. We can guarantee short delivery times when you urgently need a specific part. When a maintenance contract is concluded, our customers also receive a standard discount on all their spare parts for the full term of the contract.