Approach & service

Project approach

Total service from A to Z

Our project approach goes much further and deeper than just installing an industrial recycling oven or cleaning oven. Starting from your cleaning or paint stripping needs, together we work out the best solution from the very beginning. We have all the expertise to analyse your needs and translate these into the right industrial cleaning oven. We then engineer and build the installation, after which the programming is done and your employees are trained.

Do you need your own industrial cleaning oven?

This is the first question for every project. Is the volume - both in quantity and capacity - of dirty parts and materials high enough for your own cleaning oven to function profitably?

Does the logistical process create a bottleneck that makes it impossible to outsource cleaning?

Does the production department require an extreme degree of flexibility and availability of crucial production components that need a lot of cleaning and of which there are only a few?

Does everything need to be able to be processed in the industrial cleaning oven in-house, or can this be fully or partially outsourced to an external firm for cleaning services such as Thermo-Clean? We’ll be happy to take care of all these calculations.

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Is custom work necessary or is one of our standard solutions suitable?

Strunz has the correct industrial cleaning oven for every need. We either provide you with one of our standard types from either the M-Line, the S-Line or the Pro-Line, or we develop a fully custom-built industrial cleaning oven.

Engineering, building, programming and training

Our basic service comprises the turn-key delivery of an industrial cleaning oven that meets your expectations perfectly. This includes the complete engineering, the construction of the installations, all the programming work, the commissioning on site and the final training of your employees.

We go a few steps further

Depending on your wishes, we’ll be happy to go a few steps further. For instance, just ask us to help with obtaining the necessary environmental permits, developing solutions for the packaging problem, resolving transport problems, arranging customs issues and ensuring safety.

Our total service even extends so far that we deliver a complete turn-key construction project in which we can also take care of the design and construction of the industrial building.